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"When the picture says more than a thousand words"

Odoo is changing the rules of business. If it was once necessary in a company to use dozens of different solutions for sales, CRM, Marketing, accounting ... and integrate them among themselves, this is no longer necessary. Odoo brings together the best from a single world under one roof. Expanding integration between different solutions is a thing of the past. Focus on your business and let Odoo work for the rest. Hermes - Odoo partner Slovenia

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Business breakfast

Together we will join forces and chat in a comfortable environment about new business solutions in the field of business management.

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Complex processes

The business world is complex. Processes follow this, so they are intertwined, often incomprehensible and difficult to manage. Process management is a key competitive advantage for companies in the market. Winner who produces and supplies the product faster and cheaply than anyone else. Information technology support is crucial here.

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One solution

Odoo is dealing with a wide variety of business processes. Accounting is just the last step in the business process. It starts with the sale. CRM, bids, invoices, document system,... Odoo ERP and much more.
One integrated solution for the whole process

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Our approach

We realized that for better process control, they need to be simplified. We analyze your processes and we advise you on how to improve them based on experience. The implementation of the new process is just as important as the replacement of the software.

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4MAINT - Device management and service

4Maint is a vertical solution designed to manage your devices, buildings, vehicles ... as well as perform contractual service interventions for your customers. The solution is fully integrated with Odoo, allowing you to fully manage the servicing process, from device creation to final invoicing.

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