About Hermes


We are a team of passionate individuals focused on your business. With excellent products, we try to solve the challenges of our users. Over 500 customers trust us.

In short, from our own solutions to global solutions under the auspices of Odoo ERP and other integrated solutions.

Our solutions are designed with the thought of small and medium enterprises that want to optimize their business. In conjunction with software solutions for construction, maintenance of facilities and facilities, and project management, we give standard solutions a new dimension of usability.

All this and much more is HERMES - Odoo Partner Slovenia!

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Meet our team

Company team

Goran Čop, director

Director and leader who runs the entire organization. With an extraordinary feeling, it motivates colleagues and connects them to a team that, with the help of our solutions, are looking for added value for our users. Looking to the future, our team and our customers are headed there.

Company team

Boris Kodelja, Project Manager

Boris began his career as a developer and project manager. Soon, he moved into the world of sales of business software, where he has been working his entire career. He advocates the "Less is More" principle! It helps clients focus on their business.

Company team

Grega Vavtar, Project Manager

Grega helps clients in his career. From the hardware administration, the route led to maintenance and construction projects, and now as an implementer of Odoo projects, he puts his knowledge and experience into practice to new customers.

Company team

Tadej Lupšina, Project Manager

Tadej has accumulated experience for 5 years as an administrator and a supporter of users. The experience he has accumulated has become an invaluable source of ideas, how to run user implementation projects, that later use of software solutions is a pleasant experience, and calls for support are almost unnecessary.

Company team

Ivi Čakš, Project Manager

Ivi represents an important link in knowing clients' business and in preparing an analysis.

Company team

Jasmina Macur, Support Manager

Jasmine has already worked in several fields. She started as a developer, continued in commercial activities, and now works in Odoo as customer support and marketing support.

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