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Digital transformation

"Digital transformation" is a very attractive word today. All too often we hear only the first word "digital" and we overlook the most important "transformation". Replacing a software solution does not matter much if we do not transform our processes at the same time. If we only change the snow shovel, we will not be faster than we would with the plug :)

Let's take a look at your processes and prepare you a proposal for optimization. For the rest, care for Odoo, and you can dedicate yourself to your business!

Analysis phase

Set project goals

We analyze possible specificities in business

We prepare a proposal solution including process optimization

We define the scope and stages of the projectDefiniramo obseg in faze projekta

Implementation phase

We take advantage of the standard Odoo functionality

We prepare data and settings efficiently

Establish the environment and the initial state

We bring you to work

We progress step by step quickly and efficiently

Startup and second phase


We are present at the startup and we resolve possible problems in the site, and we advise you

After successful start-up, we switch to the support and maintenance phase

In the second phase, we focus on specific solutions to your needs and repeat the cycle as necessary

Our Offer

Start up

from  7.680 ,00

  • Standard sales processes
  • Start working in 2 weeks
  • Osnovni paket storitev / 14 dni implementacije
  • Using standard Odoo solutions

Boost your sales

from 14.880 ,00

  • We accelerate sales with CRM and web portal
  • stablishment of activity in 1 month
  • Standardni paket storitev / 31 dni implementacije
  • Using advanced Odoo solutions


  €  (By agreement)

  • We analyze your business
  • Project approach with set goals
  • Service package by agreement
  • Support with specific processes